The Feelings Thermometer: How to Help Your Child Communicate Their Feelings

Do you wonder what your child is feeling when they are unable to express themselves? “The Feelings Thermometer” is a simple tool to support your child to express their feelings.

Using The Feelings Thermometer is simple. Our thermometer is based on a 1-10 scale. 10 represents the “hot thoughts” – the highest degree of feeling. The thermometer can be used for any feeling – nervousness, anger, sadness, loneliness, embarrassment, and happiness.

When using the thermometer I recommend:

  1. Exploring the emotion and degree to which they are experiencing their emotion.
  2. Validating their feelings.
  3. Discuss coping tools and strategies to deal with their emotions.
  4. Praise! Praise your child for their efforts in expressing their feelings with you.

I recently used the Feelings Thermometer with a group of youngsters participating in a support group for children with food allergies. They loved coloring their thermometer and were excited to share their feelings with the group. The thermometer was a fun, non-threatening tool to help the group safely discuss their worries.

Two photos are attached. Check in soon with our website, for free printables of The Feelings Thermometer.