Family Vision Board

A great way to explore your family’s goals, values, and desires is to create a family collage or vision board. Grab some magazines, crayons, and glue. Ask each person to find photos and words that represent your family, personal or family goals, or an activity you wish to experience together. Once you collect your pictures and words, create a collage. Hang it where your family will see it daily – it serves as a reminder of your CORE values and goals and will be a motivator to help you achieve them.

A family who completed this activity told me their child put a horse on their vision board. A horse was not an option; however it led to the child receiving horseback riding lessons which later turned into a regular family activity.

Another family expressed a desire for a family vacation – something they had been unable to do in several years. The vision board prompted family members to discuss a plan to work together and save for a vacation. By the end of the year they accomplished their goal! The board became a way for the family to bond and work together.

The vision board is a nice activity to do with the start of the school year and fall activities.  What are your family’s goals and desires this fall?