How to Create an Easier Transition Back to School

It’s that time of year again…How to create an easier transition back to school

1. One or two weeks before school begins return to your evening and morning routines.This will better prepare your child for their first day when they have to wake earlier.

2. Back to School Shopping. Engage your child in back to school shopping for supplies, a backpack, or their first day outfit. By including them in supply shopping you can help excite them for the beginning of the year.

3. If your child is nervous set up a preschool meeting with school staff and if possible their teacher.

4. Meet with any school staff necessary prior to school such as school nurse or social worker if your child has any medical concerns.

5. If it’s your child’s first year, your child is nervous, or you just want to get back into the routine practice a few days before preparing for school. For example, wake up at your normal school day time, have breakfast, even pick up the backpack and drive to school. Instead of going to class perhaps walk through the school and spend some time playing on the playground or have a picnic.