Ease Your Child’s Anxiety With a Worry Box

Do you have an anxious child and struggle with how to ease their worries? Try using a worry box. By making one with your child, you provide support and empower them to cope with their difficult feelings. When your child feels anxious invite them to use a tool from their Worry Box. The more confident your child is in handling their anxiety, the less anxious they will be.

We recently finished a worry box in the office for bed-time anxiety and within four weeks the child was sleeping in their own bedroom (a first) and sleeping through the night.

Here is a list of 21 anxiety easing tools your child can add to their worry box:

1.      Homemade stress ball
2.      Mindfulness coloring books and crayons
3.      Positive affirmation or mantra cards
4.      Cards or picture that remind your child to take deep breaths
5.      Relaxing music
6.      Thought challenging charts and worksheets
7.      A book
8.      The Feelings Thermometer. (www.inspiredfamilies.com to print your own)
9.      Photos that your child perceives as calming such as family, friends,  or vacation memories
10.  Putty or clay
11.  Worry stone
12.  Lavender scented pillow or satchel
13.  Water bottle
14.  Pictures of a few yoga postures or exercises
15.  Journal
16.  Stuffed animal or blanket
17.  A water bottle filled with a little food coloring and glitter to shake (Not for drinking)
18.  Sound machine with calming nature sounds
19.  Flashlight
20.  A supportive note from mom or dad
21.  Worry dolls or a worry box/jar where your child can write or draw their worry then put it away in the box