Your Survival Guide for the Car Ride

Traveling with kids, especially long drives during the summer season, can be an adventure. Here are some tips to help you travel with ease and enjoy the ride.

1. Give each child (mom and dad too) a throw away camera, journal, and photo book. During your car ride and vacation they can use their creativity and log their favorite moments.

2. Pack a survival car kit for you and your kids. Essentials are extra headphones, batteries, Aspirin, Dramamine, Band-Aids, and any necessary medications. Then pack the “Fun” items such as a new DVD (I do not typically recommend watching DVDs in the car UNLESS it is a long car trip), travel games,  books, and special snacks. These can be thrown out throughout the trip as extra “surprises.”

3. Use your “Fun” items for rewards. When everyone is sharing and keeping hands and feet to themselves they earn  a travel game.

4. Spend time before the trip reserving CD’s from the library so each child can make their own vacation play list or CD for the trip.

5. For long trips try book on CD.

6. During travel breaks designate one child to be the leader for post drive stretching. Take turns.

Don’t forget to make frequent stops and most importantly enjoy the ride!
What travel strategies do you use? We’d love to hear from you!