15 Budget Friendly Summer Activities for Your Family

Daylight lingers longer, evenings are warmer, and the kids are ready to play. Here are a few budget friendly summer activities for your family.

1. Say cheese! Grab your cameras, phones, or purchase a throw away camera. Take an adventure through your neighborhood or go to a nearby park or walking path. Everyone photographs their favorite things in nature. Print the pictures and make a college or photo book.

2. Scavenger hunt!  Make one in your neighborhood, backyard, beach, or local park.

3. Picnic Time! Grab a blanket, a basket, and bring your favorite books and board games to play under the trees or at your favorite park.

4. Take a trip to the farmer’s market. Summer is a wonderful time to peruse the tables of fragrant flowers, fresh herbs, and homemade jams. Choose your favorite foods, head home, and cook a meal together.

5. Play in the dirt. One of our favorite activities in the summer is to grow a garden full of fresh  veggies, herbs, and flowers. Gardening with your kids can be a relaxing activity that encourages a love of fruits, veggies, and nature.

6. Grab your towels, sunscreen, and shovels. Head to the nearest beach for fun in the sun.

7. Camp-out or Camp-in! When my sister and I were younger my family tried a few camp-outs. Soon after my parents started the “camp-in.” We laid our sleeping bags out in the living room, kept our flashlights close, played board games, and grilled S’mores. Your kids won’t forget it!

8. Rainy day? Visit your local library.

9. Explore your local parks. Parks and hiking trails are cost-effective ways to get outside as a family (bring your pup too) and get moving. Don’t forget your sunscreen and water!

10. Homemade popsicles to cool you down after a warm summer’s day. Find a recipe with your favorite fruits and enjoy!

11. Berry picking! Find a local farm that offers berry picking. Pick your own strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. Enjoy a big bowl of berries or make homemade jam and pies with your pickings.

12. Make your own glow in the dark backyard bowling.

13. Movie or music under the stars. Many cities and towns offer family friendly free movies or concerts in the park. Pack your favorite snack and blanket –then relax!

14. Create an obstacle course in your yard – let the kids get creative on this one.

15. Relax. Enjoy some lemonade, a good book, a family board game or movie. Summer is the season of abundance but also a time to recharge. Find your balance.